①Incentive video

Abundant Advertisement Formats,like: Incentive video/interactive advertising/native ads/insertive ads and all.

"No one likes advertising." is that really the case? A Facebook report presents a different answer: 57% of users who are unwilling to spend money to remove ads do not mind seeing ads. The way to increase the figure of 57% is to find an advertisement that can not only improve users' willingness to pay, but also appear in the right scene. Incentive video advertising is to solve such problems.Incentive video is a new form of full screen video advertising. Users can choose not to watch the advertising, or choose to get a reward after watching the advertising. It is characterized by good user experience and easier to be accepted by users.


Developers can design advertising display forms according to their own product characteristics to ensure a good user experience.

③Insert screen advertisement

Support static pictures and dynamic video forms, It can realize effective realization while ensuring the user experience