Global traffic coverage

Traffic covers more than 200 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 1,000+ advertisers, covering up to 1 billion smart devices, and over 10 billion daily impressions.

Precise delivery

Based on big data analysis, the user behavior is tagged, and the number of user tags in intelligent classification reaches 2000+. At the same time, potential target users can be mined through similar user portrait characteristics, and multi-dimensional information reorganization can be used to carry out accurate advertisement placement, so as to improve your overall performance. ROI.

Our powerful natively integrated DMPs along with first-party SDKs and exclusive carrier-grade signals enable you to enrich your data and customize your ads to reach your exact target audience at the lowest possible cost. We support all the most used games.

We have our own ADX and a global developer traffic platform integrated via API. We will get your link on all our platforms, through EPC and RTB bidding methods, we will give maximum weight to get as much traffic as possible, at the same time we will optimize the source according to KPI.